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What is the soul? What does it consist of? Why is it important? In this episode, we will explore the soul, study its working components, and consider how these components work in the backdrop of how we think, act, feel, and thrive in the world around us.

As you come to this program, you reside within a certain frame of mind. Your outlook, experience, and analysis of life has, along with what has influenced you over the course of your lifetime, shaped your frame of mind. But what if you are confronted with the concept of God? How do you respond? What constitutes each response, and if you accept him, what can come in applying His word to your life? Find out this and much more as you listen to this edition of “Making Sense with Rob Case.”

The Bible is the most popular and most important book in the world. It has also led to the changing of many lives, cultures, and influences both on a very broad scale and on a small one as well. Find out how and why, as some of these reasons may enable you to give it another look, and thus help change your life in a unique and dynamic way on this edition of “Making Sense with Rob Case.”

There are two things that never change on its own merit, and that is history and the human heart. It is due to the nature of the human heart that history is comprised of bad and destructive decisions. But Jesus Christ came to change all of this, and he still does to this day, especially with those who are willing to seek him. Are you one of them?

If you have experienced tremendous adversity recently, how would you react to the thought of Giving Thanks?  In this special edition of Making Sense with Rob Case, we will look at the life of the Apostle Paul, who had experienced so much adversity and hardship, that ours would weaken by comparison. Can circumstances make Paul's resolve incompatible, or something that can be taken to heart? You'll be surprised at what you’ll discover in this edition of “Making Sense with Rob Case.”

Thanksgiving is a time to look back, take inventory, and appreciate the things God has given us, and is doing for us in our daily lives. Such reflections serve as a power, and thus a source of motivation for moving into the future.

In this particular show, we challenge you to examine your life, and place things in an extraordinarily insightful perspective in regards to giving thanks, the power of appreciating what you have, as well as ask tough questions such as, if tomorrow you woke up, and everything you had was suddenly gone, how would you react? Would giving thanks end for you on such conditions? Would it corrode and embitter you?

This show will be like no other you hear on the subject of giving thanks. We welcome you, and hope you will enjoy this special presentation of "Making Sense with Rob Case."



Thank you, and God bless.